If you own your motorcycle outright, it's quite common to believe that liability insurance is all you need. It's cheaper to go that route and you may think that the savings are worth the risk. However, failing to maintain full coverage insurance on your motorcycle could prove to be a costly mistake. Your bike is an asset and it's important that you do everything you can to protect it. Take a look at a few of the main reasons why it's so vital for you to make sure that you get full coverage insurance on your motorcycle.

Full Coverage Is About More Than Just Accidents

Although there is always the chance that you could possibly get into an accident while riding your bike, you have to factor in other risks as well. Full coverage insurance protects you against some of the things which can happen when your bike is not on the road. When you have comprehensive insurance, you'll have the financial backing you need to get your motorcycle repaired if an incident occurs that you had absolutely no control over.

For example, if bad weather hits your neck of the woods and a hurricane causes your bike to topple over, it's so easy for something to break. Maybe the brakes on your handlebars are damaged in the fall and the repair fees are out of your budget. If you only carry liability insurance, you're going to have to be responsible for getting the bike fixed.

Comprehensive insurance covers things like hurricanes, tornadoes and other instances of bad weather. They are considered "acts of God." You can file a claim and get the money you need to get your motorcycle back into action.

State Laws Matter

You may not be aware of it, but it's possible that you live in a state which requires drivers to pay for their own damage when an accident occurs. This differs from states that require the at-fault party to pay for all damages. What this means is that even if you're not the one who caused the accident, you must still get your bike repaired on your own dime. Can you truly afford to shell out a lump sum all at once? If not, full coverage is the way to go.

Call up your insurance company to get a quote for increasing your coverage. Bump up to full coverage so you can have the peace of mind that comes with the switch. You can also visit websites like http://www.wyattinsuranceca.com/.