Freelance writers have a nice life. They take little guff from anyone else, and they do not have to accept assignments if they choose not to. However, if you are a freelance writer, you probably should have some business insurance.

You do operate as a working agent from home, which is, for all intents and purposes, a business. Thankfully, you do not need much in the way of insurance. There are business insurance companies that cater to small, home-based businesses like yours. Here is what you need.

Cyber Liability Insurance

As a freelance writer, your business is almost entirely done on a computer or laptop. You email clients, collect payments, and provide written content all from your computer. You could be cyber-attacked or hacked at any time. A nasty virus can bring down your sole workstation in a heartbeat. If you are hacked, and the hacker roves through all the information on your computer/laptop, then your clients and their personal information are at risk, too. Cyber liability insurance protects your virtual presence, your clients, and your work from cybercriminals.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

This is the type of insurance Ernest Hemingway could have used (he typed almost all of his works on a very old typewriter, often resulting in keys sticking and getting jammed up). The insurance protects your computers, laptops, and any other devices you use as a freelance writer against functional issues and helps pay for repairs or replacements. This helps you keep your operational costs low, and if you are anything like Hemingway, you want to use the same comfortable writing device for as many years as possible before you finally toss it on the junk heap.

Commercial Crime Insurance

Do you sometimes take your laptop elsewhere to work? A nice corner of the public library or a coffee shop is common in your line of work. However, there may be opportunistic thieves about that will snatch your work machine. Then you cannot meet work deadlines for clients, and you lose money. Commercial crime insurance covers the theft and the monetary losses of your business due to thefts and burglaries.

Bundled Small Business Coverage

Of course, you could just choose a policy that bundles some of the above types of insurance into one. It is the most economical option. That way, you are also covered for other unexpected things, such as a client suing you for non-delivery of content by the date requested.

To learn more, contact an insurance agency like Boone Ritter Insurance.