Choosing the right prescription drug plan is essential. Those who are enrolled in Medicare can benefit from having prescription drug coverage added to their existing Medicare coverage through a private insurance provider. 

The following are six things that you need to look for when you're comparing various prescription drug plans to ensure that your health care costs will be under control as a Medicare recipient.

Coverage for the most common prescription medications out there

The range of coverage and coverage for prescription medications that the average person is most likely to need are important considerations. Do your research and evaluate any information provided on what drugs specifically are covered. 

Coverage for prescription drugs you're most likely to need

If you are currently dealing with any health conditions, of course, you want to make sure that the prescription drug plan you sign on for covers the drugs that you're regularly prescribed.

Even if you know you're at risk for a certain health condition but haven't been diagnosed, you should evaluate the prescription drug list and see if any related medications are included. 

Options to increase coverage in the future if needed

Health care needs change as one gets older and as one faces different events in one's life. You want to be able to change plans in the future as necessary during open enrollment periods. It's also good if you can change plans during frequent special enrollment periods as well.

Low deductibles and copays

Of course, you want to find an affordable plan that requires you to pay as little as possible when you need a prescription. Evaluate deductibles and copays.

Find a combination of monthly premium and copay/deductible requirements that is best for your budget and your risks for needing medications prescribed in the near future. 

Coverage for more costly drugs

A lot of prescriptions are not very expensive to fill at the pharmacy. You need to make sure that your prescription drug plan is offering good coverage for the more costly drugs to gauge its value. Find the prices on medications that are listed as covered to determine the value provided by any plan in question. 

Ease of use

You want to get prescription drug coverage from a provider who will always be there to answer your questions. Customer service and general ease of use of the coverage are essential considerations.

Make sure you spend some time talking to representatives and getting a feel for the quality of service before signing on. 

For more information about prescription drug plans, contact an insurance provider.