SR-22 insurance is a form of auto insurance that's specifically for high-risk drivers, and it costs more than standard auto insurance. If your state has mandated that you carry SR-22 insurance, however, there are ways to reduce the premiums you pay. Even if the premiums don't get down to a standard policy's rates, these three steps can help you save on an SR-22 policy.

Check Your Credit Report

In most states, your credit score can still influence how much insurance companies charge for auto insurance. This is true for standard policies, as well as for SR-22 policies. When drivers have low credit scores, they tend to pay more for either type of auto coverage.

While you can take steps to improve your credit score over time (e.g. pay off debt and make payments on-time), there's a more immediate way to make sure your credit score is being fairly considered. 

Check your credit report to confirm that all of the information on there is accurate, and correct any inaccurate details. You don't want inaccurate details weighing down your credit score unfairly and causing you to pay unnecessarily high auto insurance premiums.

To check your credit report, simply request a report from one of the reporting bureaus. You're allowed to request a report once per year for free, and additional requests can be made if you pay for them.

Start to Carpool More

With today's technology insurance companies can track how much you drive if you let them, and some insurers offer low-mileage discounts to drivers who don't cover many miles. If you can reduce how much you drive, you may get one of these discounts. Even if it's only a small percent off your premium, a small percent of a substantial rate is still a significant amount.

There are several ways you can reduce how much you drive, but one of the easiest is to carpool or use public transit more. Find alternative ways to get to and from work, and around town, and you could significantly cut back on your annual mileage.

Combine Auto Insurance Policies

Most insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts to drivers who get more than one policy with the same insurance company, and these discounts can apply to both standard and SR-22 auto policies.

If another driver in your family needs auto insurance, get both their and your policy from the same company so that you can qualify for a multi-policy discount.